Which Kitchen Remodeling Projects Have the Best ROI?

No homeowner wants to hear the dreaded declaration, “your kitchen looks dated.” Whether it’s coming from the lips of a beloved friend or a potential homebuyer, nothing will take the wind out of your sails more than hearing your kitchen is old, outdated, or out-of-style. However, that doesn’t mean we all have cupboards full of cash we can dig through to splurge on pricey kitchen remodels. Luckily, there are tons of kitchen remodeling ideas that pay off. 

Just like cars, some kitchen remodeling projects retain their value better than others. When the time comes to sell your home, projects with a better ROI will help you recoup the cost of your initial kitchen remodel. Popular projects can even help your home sell quicker! 

Let’s take a look at the best kitchen remodeling ideas for ROI: 

New Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets take up the most real estate in your kitchen, which means they’re appearance makes a huge impression. Dated, beat-up cabinets can drag down the appearance of the entire room. If your cabinets look old, faded, scratched, or discolored, then a cabinet upgrade should be at the top of your list of kitchen remodels–especially if you’re planning to sell your house in the near future. 

You’ll be happy to hear that upgrading your kitchen cabinets doesn’t necessarily mean tearing out the old ones and replacing them with pricey handcrafted models. Refacing or refinishing your cabinets is a great way to restore their appearance without the gut-wrenching price tag of buying new cabinets. With cabinet refacing, your old cabinet boxes get a fresh coat of paint, new cabinet faces, drawers, and hardware. Refacing is a lot cheaper than installing new cabinets, but refaced cabinets have the modern appeal to catch a buyer’s eye. 

Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

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These days, modern kitchen appliances come with tons of bells and whistles that look flashy but drive up the cost appliance installation. While connecting your phone to your fridge is neat, you probably won’t get a high ROI. Instead, focus on energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Green appliances have a better chance at boosting your home value. And in the meantime, you can look forward to lower monthly utility bills! 

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

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Countertops come in a beautiful array of designs and materials, from traditional marble to ultra-modern polished concrete. But if you’re looking for something that is both beautiful and has an excellent ROI, there’s no better choice than quartz. 

Quartz countertops are a combination of natural minerals and artificial resin. Since they’re man-made, quartz countertops come in an endless variety of colors, pigments, and designs. And unlike natural stone countertops, they’re non-porous, anti-microbial, and scratch-resistant. That means your quartz countertops will withstand years of heavy use all-the-while maintaining their natural beauty. 

Modern Kitchen Hardware and Fixtures

grey kitchen cabinets

Copper, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, oh my–these are just a few popular options in the vast sea of kitchen hardware choices. Despite its small stature, new kitchen hardware has the power to completely upgrade the appearance of your cabinets. Plus, new knobs or drawer pulls are budget-friendly and easy to install all by yourself. Since they’re made of tough metals, your kitchen hardware won’t wear out anytime soon! 

A Stunning Kitchen Backsplash

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Kitchen backsplash updates are a popular kitchen renovation project because they have an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Installing a kitchen backsplash may have a small price tag, but it has an oversized impact on your kitchen’s aesthetic. Plus, backsplash installation is a great DIY project, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a costly professional. From contemporary glass mosaics to homey tile backsplashes, you have a nearly infinite variety of styles to choose from. 

Want to learn more about kitchen backsplash options? Take a look at Remodelgramme’s roundup of popular kitchen backsplash styles for inspiration and ideas! 

A New Coat of Paint

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A bucket of paint is cheap, but a new coat of paint can revitalize your walls and inject new life into your kitchen. And unlike other kitchen remodeling projects, it’s easy to swap out paint as popular trends come and go. From traditional white to chic shades of gray and funky turquoise, a simple coat of paint will completely alter the mood and atmosphere of your kitchen.

Contemporary Lighting 

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Looking for ways to illuminate your kitchen? Try under cabinet lighting. Strips of LED lighting are installed on the underside of your cabinets to give your kitchen a soft, otherworldly glow. This is ideal for homeowners looking to add “layers” of lighting to their kitchens, each with a specific purpose. In other words, bright overhead lighting might be great for cooking, but you can switch over to softer, atmospheric lighting styles for dining and entertaining. 

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