Your Kitchen Cabinet Style Guide

Kitchen cabinets bring a lot of personality to the room, and it can feel overwhelming to pick out the cabinet style that best matches your style.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets

The most popular kitchen cabinet is the shaker style. Simple and classic, shaker cabinets look like a wooden frame surrounding a sunken wooden panel. Usually they’re built using sturdy hardwood like maple, hickory, and oak, and they’re a great complement for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.  

Contemporary shaker cabinets with bar pulls
Traditional shaker cabinets

Slab kitchen cabinets

Unlike the recessed panels of the Shaker style, slab cabinets (AKA flat-panel cabinets) feature a single flat slab of material. Their hard lines and uniform surfaces make them the perfect centerpiece for contemporary kitchens and fans of sleek, minimalist designs. Slab cabinets are built from a variety of materials, from hardwood (pricey) to furniture grade plywood (less pricey) and participle board (least pricey of all). 

Slab cabinets with bar pulls
Slab cabinets with no hardware

Inset kitchen cabinets

Inset cabinets often look like shaker cabinets, but their construction and design is totally different. The door of the cabinet is inset within the frame itself, making for an incredibly sturdy, long-lasting design. It may come as no surprise that inset kitchen cabinets are some of the pricest on the market, but given their long lifespan, they’ll pay for themselves in no time. 

Louvered kitchen cabinets

Although it’s rare to see louvered cabinets in the kitchen, they make an undeniable impact on the room and a lasting impression. Louvered cabinets look like a washboard made of horizontal wooden slats. With an open space between each slat, louvered cabinets are well-ventilated and ideal for pantries and cabinets near washing machines or radiators.

The only downshot of louvered cabinets? Brace yourself for a hefty price tag!

Beadboard kitchen cabinets

Like louvered cabinets, beadboard kitchen cabinets also feature thin slats of wood. The key difference is that beadboard cabinets use vertical wooden slats, and the slats are fused together instead of allowing air to pass through. This cabinet style looks great in rustic and farmhouse style kitchens. However, keep in mind that the recessed gaps can be a little tricky to keep clean, so beadboard cabinets do require some TLC! 

Glass kitchen cabinets

Glass cabinet doors are a popular alternative to solid doors. They look like a picture frame–wood surrounded by a clear panel of glass at the center. Adding glass door cabinets to your kitchen is a great way to showcase your servingware and glasses, in addition to making the room look bigger. When wired with interior lighting, glass cabinets also add a unique ambiance to your kitchen. 

Open shelf kitchen “cabinets”

Open shelf cabinets aren’t truly cabinets per se, but they’ve become a popular–albeit controversial–alternative to traditional cabinets. Instead of looking like a cabinet, which is made up of a cabinet box with solid door faces, open shelf cabinets are simply…shelves! Floating shelves in your kitchen can open up the room and give you a chance to display your servingware, cookbooks, and kitchen knick-knacks. 

The downshot of open shelf cabinets in your kitchen is that they can make the room look cluttered or crowded. Everything–yes, even your cereal boxes and messy bags of flour–is on display for the world to see! However, open shelves can also be used to create a charming, maximalist kitchen with a down-to-earth, nothing-to-hide vibe. 

Last but not least…custom kitchen cabinets

When it comes to designing kitchen cabinets, the only limit is your imagination. You can partner with local kitchen remodelers and cabinet makers in your area to create something totally customized and wholly unique to you!

When the time comes to upgrade your cabinets, there are options for every style and price point. Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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