Color inspiration: Pink!

Would your home look pretty in pink? Check out all the ways you can incorporate this fun, bubbly, vibrant color into your interior decor.

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Color Inspiration: Gold

Despite the old saying, not everything that glitters is gold — sometimes gold is matte, sequined, or distressed.

Let’s look at all the ways you can incorporate gold into your interior design, from subtle sparks to 14-carat kitchens.

Gold accent pillows

Does your bed look a little bland? Dress it up with a couple of golden accent pillows to add a pop of color and glam.

Gold picture frames

Picture frames–especially the gold frames pictured below–are an excellent way to break up a monotonous wall. Try a variety of different frame styles for added visual appeal.

Gold accent pieces

When you want just a little glimmer of gold in your home, a few accent pieces like this gold candle holder will do!

Photo by Sammsara Luxury Modern Home from Pexels

Gold chandelier

Add a bit of luxury to your lighting with a gold chandelier. Check out thrift stores and architectural salvage shops to find beautiful vintage chandeliers with a budget-savvy price tag.

Gold faucets & hardware

Gold hardware was a common sight in the 1980s and 1990s, and now it’s back! Swap out your bathroom hardware for a gold faucet and matching accessories like cabinet pulls and toilet paper holder. In the kitchen, you can go bold with a gold sink and matching faucet.

Gold accented backsplash

This stunning mosaic backsplash incorporates ultra-thin golden tiles to create a look that’s eye-catching yet subtle.

Image source: New Ravenna

Gold mosaic backsplash

No subtlety here–this backsplash is 100% gold. The tiles are a variety of shades and textures to add some dimension and depth to the presentation.

Chevron gold tile backsplash

Put on a twist on the gold mosaic backsplash with these bold chevron stripes.

Image source: BJT Tiling

Gold kitchen appliances

Move over stainless steel–kitchen appliances made of exotic metals, like the rose gold range and matching hood below, are making a grand entrance into more and more kitchens.

Gold bathroom cabinets

These hammered gold cabinet faces will inject your bathroom with glitz and glamour. Plus, replacing your cabinet faces is in easy DIY job–assuming you can find these hammered gold beauties!

Source: Jess Hurrell

Bathroom with gold lighting and accents

If gold cabinets are a bit dramatic for your tastes, you can scale back with gold accents like lighting, hardware, and shower door frames.

Source: Essentialhome

Hammered gold kitchen cabinets

But…come on, those gold cabinets are pretty cool, aren’t they?

Whether you prefer your gold in small sums or vast quantities, it’s sure to make a bold impact on your interior decor!