Classic home styles: All about craftsman style houses

Once upon a time during the Industrial Revolution, machines began replacing skilled artisans with quicker and cheaper materials for building houses. While some of these advances were really neat (just check out the elaborate woodwork on Victorian painted ladies), not everyone liked the fact that factories were dominating the construction world. Hence, the craftsman movement was born! 

Craftsman style homes showcase the best of artisan handiwork. That’s why some of their most-loved features are their exposed wooden beams, stone fireplaces, and beautiful multi-paned windows.

What do craftsman homes look like?

Covered porch with wide beams and multi-panel glass door

Craftsman architecture has a very distinct look. Clean horizontal lines, low-sloping roofs, and wide porches are just a few key features of craftsman home design.

Here are some clues that you’re standing in front of a craftsman home:

  • Roofs that are low-pitched or completely flat
  • Covered porches with wide pillars that taper at the top
  • Roof eaves that jut out way beyond the walls of the house
  • Exposed rafter tails along the roof eaves
  • Earth-tone colors like green, brown, and blue
  • Wide trim around windows and doors
  • Multi-pane windows and partially paned doors

Sadly, many older craftsman homes have been renovated and may have lost of some of the features on the list. However, if you look close enough, you should still be able to make out some hints of its original style!

Classic craftsman door by Pella

Styles of craftsman house

Not all craftsman homes look exactly alike. There are four distinct styles: 

  • Bungalow: This is the “classic” style of craftsman home. The majority of craftsman style houses are built in the bungalow style. 
  • Prairie style: Popularized by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the prairie style craftsman homes feature strong horizontal rooflines that run parallel to the ground. 
  • Mission revival: Imagine a prairie style craftsman covered in stucco! 
  • Four square: The stripped-down, no-frills version of the bungalow craftsman. Fun fact: they all have the same internal floor plan! 

Below is a classic prairie style home designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright. You can still see some of the core craftsman design features, like the covered porch, pillars, and low-slope roof, but Wright also put his own twist on the design!

Prairie style house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

What’s a craftsman house like on the inside?

The distinct style of craftsman homes isn’t just skin-deep. The interior of craftsman homes also feature the same level of care and artisanship. 

Craftsman interiors typically have:

  • Built-in shelves, cabinets, and window seats
  • Large, stonework fireplaces
  • Simple, practical floor plans 
  • Natural materials like wood, brick, and stone
  • Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling
  • Mission-style light fixtures

Here are some pictures showcasing the beautiful handiwork you can find inside traditional craftsman style homes.

Craftsman style sitting room with grand fireplace and exposed wooden beams
Craftsman style dining area with exposed wooden pillars and built-in bench seating
Craftsman style bathroom
Craftsman style entryway

The classic simplicity and warmth of the craftsman style home has made it one of the most enduring home styles over the last century. From the mission revival style of the West Coast to the Midwest’s prairie style, you can find craftsman homes across the country. Wherever you go, the perfect craftsman style home is waiting for you!

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