Minimalist Room Designs to Help Your Create a Calmer, More Satisfying Space

There’s something calming about a near-empty room. It’s uncluttered, quiet, reflective–and it encourages us, as viewers, to do the same.

I don’t have the willpower or organizational skills to commit to the minimalist lifestyle, but looking at pictures from people who can is deeply satisfying.

Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist kitchens are popular because they always look clean, never look cluttered, and invoke a sense of quiet dignity. You can achieve this look by sticking to a neutral color palette and minimizing decor. Pay particular attention to areas of the kitchen that tend to get “loud” like the backsplash, curtains, and hardware.

Minimalist Home Offices

Minimalist style is perfect for home offices. Clutter, loud colors, and busy designs can be distracting and make it more difficult to focus on your work. Instead, opt for a home office design with clean lines, minimal clutter, and stark, soothing colors.

Minimalist Dining Areas

Whether you’re wolfing down a quick breakfast and plopping down at the dinner table after a grueling day at the office, it’s nice to feel relaxed during mealtime. Using simple, functional furniture is a great way to encourage your busy brain to focus on the things that truly matter during meal time, like the delicious meal before you or the lively conversation of your family members.

Minimalist Bar

Here at Remodelgramme, we’re of the opinion that no house is complete without a well-stocked bar. When the time comes to relax with a tumbler of your favorite bourbon or a cold glass of wine, you can appreciate the experience with a simple, well-organized bar.

Minimalist Living Rooms

Living rooms, like the name suggests, are a place where we can host a lively get-together, relax with a favorite movie, or even take a much-needed nap. That’s why it’s important that your living room is a practical space that accomodate all of these activities and more.

Minimalist Bedrooms

There’s a common misperception that minimalism has to be stark, uncomfortable, and brutally austere. But minimalism can be combined with cozy fabrics, soft colors, and warm accents–like the rose gold table lamp below–to create a simple, comfortable space.

Minimalist Decor

It’s okay to dress up a minimalist room with a few accessories or artistic features. The key when decorating in the minimalist style is “more is less.” If you’re struggling to keep a room from looking cluttered, remove a couple of your least favorite decorations to see if that improves the overall look. And remember, you can always stash your belongings–pots, pans, extra bedding, clothes–in drawers, cabinets, and furniture that doubles as storage to make the room look cleaner and less cluttered.

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